Aiko Iwashita

"Technique First"

Aiko Iwashita

If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit, don’t let the hype scare you. I have been a member at CrossFit Bench since it’s opening and have watched the gym grow into a wonderful community. At CrossFit Bench under the watchful eye of coach Michelle it’s all about technique first. Personally I am someone who needs a positive workout environment. I am not looking to compete with anyone but me. At Bench I am encouraged to listen to my body and modify when I need to. Going to Bench weekday mornings I get to do some of my favourite things like pick up a barbell and also do some of my least favourite things like burpees. But either way it’s a great way to move my body with others that encourage each other. Lastly the facilities are fantastic, with tons of parking, large washroom/change rooms and showers and the actual gym floor, beautiful and spacious.

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