Success stories from local Lincoln members

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  • Aiko Iwashita's success story

    Technique First

    If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit, don’t let the hype scare you. I have been a member at CrossFit Bench since it’s opening and hav

    Aiko Iwashita

    5 Years year(s) at CrossFit Bench

  • Katie Bartlett's success story


    I have always struggled with confidence when it comes to the gym but since joining CrossFit Bench I have never felt comfortable in my skin and have never h

    Katie Bartlett

  • Paten Marrazzo's success story

    Second Home

    Since joining CrossFit Bench I have personally gained a sense of confidence that I feel I did not have before. It has become a second home for me, and the

    Paten Marrazzo

    1 year(s) at CrossFit Bench

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