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Hi Team! I am the proud owner at CrossFit Bench. When I found CrossFit in 2015, I was truly unaware of the importance that this sport and community would have in my life.  I am ALWAYS on the move; quite active from a young age, outdoor activities being my go to – preferably ones in the summer months. Before CrossFit my exercise routine was 90% cardio and fuelled by ill-advised nutrition.  For a long time I allowed the number on the scale to dictate my happiness. My first day at Crossfit exposed me to true fitness, some STRONG women, and started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. These days we  find a happy balance for Life and Exercise and we lift a LOT more; fuelling this body to help it perform, as opposed to meeting a number on a scale. 

You can be sure to find me around the gym 24/7, with my Fur-Kid Bella following closely behind (…what’s better after a workout than a CrossFit Therapy Dog). 

I aspire to help others find their balance, accompanied with the supportive environment of this community to a life full of health and wellness.

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